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With the expertise of our staff, we strive to provide you the best solutions for rebuilding, repair or maintenance of your roof.

For us, every day is a new challenge. We aim to make your plans brilliantly. The company's skills allow us to offer you a high quality of services and results. We are dynamic, organized and we listen to your needs. We will be pleased to achieve your projects and meet your expectations.

By using the services of Les couvreurs S.Lévesque, you will opt for quality and safety.

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Our company specializes in prestige roof repair. Asphalt shingles has proven itself. A quick and easy hardware installation. It is very efficient and resistant to temperature changes. Several models, styles and colors are available to you! Our roofers are certified for proper installation of the product and the suitable ventilation.


The steel shingles is an economical and lasting solution. None required snow removal. Snow slides easily on the aluminum surface. The design adds a special touch to your roof. The steel shingles suitable for all building styles. Many colors and styles are available. It is recyclable.


Whether for the recovery of a parapet or a metal fence, our tinsmiths will be able to give a new look to your metallic coating.


Do you have infiltration in your building? The wind have damaged your roof? You are unsure of the reliability of your roof? We offer 24/24 repair service, fast, and very affordable.


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